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We want to make sure that you understand all of the health insurance options in Colorado Springs and want to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Below you will be able to find everything that we were able to find about health insurance in Colorado Springs and we hope it helps you make a decision on your insurance needs a little easier.

There are four major types of health insurance in Colorado Springs special enrollment, individual medical, Medicare Supplemental, & Supplemental Insurance. We will go explain each coverage type to see which one or ones fit your needs best.

Special Enrollment Insurance

If some big changes in your life are about to happen or just happened applying for special enrollment insurance might be the best plan for you. Certain events such as being pregnant, having a baby, getting married or several other life changing events makes you eligible for this type of insurance. This helps people who have no insurance be able to get the minimum coverage according the affordable care act. This is the cheapest option for insurance and in several cases the government might step in to help pay for part of your insurance as well. I would contact a local Colorado Springs Insurance agent to see if you are eligible for this insurance plan.

Individual Medical Insurance

Is an insurance plan to help cover individuals in Colorado Springs or anywhere in Colorado. Colorado is one of several states who participate in the Affordable Care Act making minimum requirements for health insurance easier to maintain. However there are several different ways to make your health insurance more personalized with individual medical insurance, most of the time you pay more to have a lower deductible or a lower copay.

Medicare Supplemental

This health insurance plan is only for senior citizens where you will be able to get extra coverage on top of Medicaid. You will be able to decrease the costs of your copays or lower your deductible with this type of insurance.

Supplemental Insurance Coverage

This is an extra health insurance coverage to help you cover for all of the small things. This is the most expensive type of insurance and in most cases is not necessary unless you have a lot of things planned in the year. Here is a list of several things that the insurance will cover in Colorado.

  • Decrease Deductibles
  • Lower co-insurance amounts
  • Allow private rooms in the hospital
  • Pay for private nurse fees
  • Cover extra travel or food costs
  • Unexpected child care

Some of the major benefits for your family are that if you work and are unable to go back to work your insurance company will pay you a certain amount while you are in the hospital. This coverage can be up to one year or longer depending on the insurance company.

Major Health Insurance Copanies in Colorado Springs

  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • Farmers
  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Progressive

These are the four major insurance health insurance policies in Colorado Springs you will be able to get two or all three of them at the same time to get the most protection. However to make sure you get the best coverage I would contact a local insurance agent in CO Springs to make sure you get the latest about health insurance offers and protection.  We hope this health insurance article has helped you understand health insurance a little better.

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