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Beauty Salon Insurance in Colorado Springs Colorado

Salon Insurance in the Springs

Starting to cut hair in Colorado Springs there is one last thing you need for you can open your salon, which is hairdresser insurance (business insurance). This will be able to help protect you and your business from all small accidents that may occur in your salon. Let’s learn how we can get insurance for hairdressers in Colorado Springs and what you are covered against.

You will be able to get a hairdresser insurance that will cover allow you to be covered in several different ways. You will be able to see how you and your barber shop can be protected here.


Barber Shop Insurance Colorado Springs

Learn the different type of Hairdresser Insurances

Let's learn the different type of business insurance options for hairdressers in Colorado Springs.

General Liability insurance

General Liability Insurance protects you from the day to day accidents that may occur in a beauty salon, from someone slipping, cutting someone, to damaging any belongings from a customer. This is the most important business insurance to have to make sure you are covered for things that are random but could occur on any day.

Hair cutter tools to be insured

Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance helps insure your belongings and property in Colorado Springs. If you are robbed or damaged is occurred to your barber shop this type of insurance will allow you get some money back for the damages occurred.

Business Income Insurance

Is a special type of insurance that allows you to get paid while you or your property is getting back 100% after an accident occurred.  This type of insurance allows you to keep getting a monthly paycheck once the doors of your salon stay closed.

Beauty Salon & Barber Shop Insurance Recommendation

There is plenty of things a barber and hairdresser need to think about let’s make insurance not one of them. These types of insurance policies are available at most insurance agencies in Colorado Springs making it easy to get a great monthly rate on your hairdresser business insurance. I recommend Nick Fransioli State Farm he helps insure me with all of my insurance needs.


Nick Fransioli State Farm Insurance

Address: 5750 Palmer Park Blvd,

Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Phone: 719-694-8915
Website: Colorado Springs Business Insurance


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