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Short & Long Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance helps protect you against lost income while you are unable to work and make an income for you and your family. If you get hurt while working in Colorado Springs or get sick and are unable to perform you duties at your job, getting disability insurance will bring in your income or cover bills until you are able to return to your job.

Injury Insurance in Colorado Springs

Learn the different types of Disability Insurance

Let's learn the different type of disability insurance options in Colorado Springs.

Long term disability insurance

Gives you the most coverage for the time period you choose you are able to choose a disability plan for 5 years and will receive money for rent, groceries, auto and other bills. You never know when something might happen and how long you could be out of work. Long term is the best disability insurance protection for long term injuries.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Are short term policies which will protect you for 1 – 3 years if you are unable to work. You will receive the same type of protection as long term but it is for a shorter time period. The monthly payment for short term is also cheaper compared to long term.

Mortgage Disability insurance

Is also a short term disability policy which will help you cover your mortgage payments for 1 – 3 years if you are unable to work. You get less coverage but is also cheaper type of insurance.

Individual Credit Disability Insurance

Or just choose a plan to get your monthly paycheck for a certain amount of time if you are injured.

Disability Insurance Recommended Agent

As you can see there are several different type of disability insurance options in Colorado Springs. You will be able to get a higher coverage but you will also have to pay more. So contact your local insurance agent and they will be able to help you get the right coverage for you and your family. I recommend State Farm Nick Fransioli in Colorado Springs he has helped me with all of my insurance questions. 


Nick Fransioli State Farm Insurance

Address: 5750 Palmer Park Blvd,

Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Phone: 719-694-8915
Website: Colorado Springs Disability Insurance


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