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Protect Your Rental

If you are renting out a property you own there is always a risk if with your investment. You have to pay your mortgage for the home and you have to find a trustworthy renter in Colorado Springs. This can be stressful to see if you investment pays off well there is an insurance to help with the stress of being a landlord, landlord insurance. Learn the different coverage types in Colorado Springs and why you should have it.

Landlord Insurance for rental protection in Colorado Springs

Different Landlord Insurance Types

There are several different type of landlord insurance options, the best way to get exact coverage options is to talk to your local Colorado Springs insurance agent. However most landlord policies will consist of these different type of insurances.

Personal Liability

This will protect you from all personal bodily injuries which may occur while your renters are staying in there. So their doctor bills will be covered as well if you are taken to court, all of your lawyer fees.

Liability Insurance

This is protection against all damages to property or belongings from you or your renters. If something might occur to your property causing more damages to vehicles other homes etc. You will be covered.

Dwelling Insurance

This is the best insurance to have to protect your investment, if something is to happen to your home or apartment, having dwelling insurance will replace your rental in full. This lets you have peace of mind if something could happen.

Owning a Rental Property Insurance Protection

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Having all of these insurance options give you the best coverage to allow you to have the best protection. Your local insurance agent will allow you to bundle all three insurance types to fit your budget and rental. The more coverage the higher the monthly rate will be, but you can normally increase your deductible if something happens to decrease the monthly rate. Every insurance company is different so check around to get the best insurance rate.

Renters Insurance - Landlord Insurance Tip

A small tip for landlords is that before someone can move into your home or apartment, have in the rental agreement that the renter needs to have renters insurance. This will be able to help protect the home and their belongings so there a little less stress if something is to happen to your rental. Learn about renters insurance in Colorado Springs here.

Start protecting your Rentals today in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for landlord insurance in Colorado Springs I recommend calling Nick Fransioli State Farm Insurance they will be able to talk about what plan you need and give you a free quote for you and your investments.


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