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Founded in 1993 a family owned and operated golf course where you can play putt putt or enjoy a few rounds in the batting cages. Some great family fun for all ages and is open when ever the weather is good.

Adventure Miniature Golf CO Springs

Contact Information

Address: 6550 Corporate Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80919
Phone Number: 719-528-5430

Putt Putt Courses

There are three different putt putt courses here making it easy to stay for a whole after noon and not do the same hole twice. The three different themes for the rounds are Around the world, Old West and Journey thru Time.


  • Adults 18 holes $6

  • Children 18 holes $5

Batting Cages

Batting Cages CO Springs

There are a wide range of batting cages for almost all ages. There are bats and helmets there to borrow so you don`t need to bring your own equipment. You will be able to find soft ball, and speeds up to 70 MPH so practice for all levels.