If you are looking to buy an excavator for landscaping or construction jobs then make sure that you take a look at RSBaumaschinen excavators and attachments before you look anywhere else. They offer a wide selection of attachments for the Eurocomach ES 60TR excavator to make any job easy.

RSBaumaschinen Excavator Company

It is a small 6 ton excavator with the power to use the digger and another attachment at the same time. These attachments are exclusively available with RSBaumaschinen and will make any job easier. There is an attachment for every occasion making it ideal to stop on by and see how they can help you.

They run by the motto if it, "doesnt work, doesnt exist" so if there are other attachments you are looking for you excavator then give them a call they will build it.  

They currently offer a these different type of attachments

  1. Concrete Crusher
  2. Excavator Sieve
  3. Leveling Blade
  4. Multi Coupler

With these attachments you will be able to get a one of a kind Excavator in Colorado and they ship everywhere in the world. So this will allow you to multi task while working with your excavator. Be able to dig up dirt and filter out the rocks. Or lift up rocks and smash them for you will be able to reuse all of the materials on the work sight. 

Contact information for RSBaumaschinen
Robert Schreiber
Gewerbestraße 4
85461 Bockhorn

+49 (0) 8122 14705