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A Local Bike Shop Downtown Colorado Springs

Come discover a local bike shop in Colorado Springs Downtown area. You will be able to find a street bike or a one gear bike perfect to get around the Springs. They offer a family atmosphere in the store where everyone loves bikes so much they will tell you everything you need to know and more. They can customize and fix all of the bikes as well. They also offer special ride days too, where you can learn new places in the Springs with cool people.

Urban Cyclery Bike Store



The Urban Cyclery is a local bicycle store located just across from Acacia Park on Bijou St. Just look for the skull with a bicycle tire and you will easily find the store. See where it is on a map here



They offer all types of one gear or AKA fixie bikes, and speed bikes. All of their brands are premium bikes and hard to find in the Colorado Springs area. The brands of bikes they offer are

  • State Bicycle Co

  • Pure Fix

  • Aventon

  • Bigshot bikes

  • Retrospec

  • Fairdale

  • Mash

  • Haro

Opening Hours

  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday- Saturday 11am-6pm

  • Sunday 11am – 3pm

Contact Information

If you are looking for a local bike store to fix your bike or looking for a one of a kind bike in Colorado Springs, Urban Cyclery is the place to go.