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Quijote's Mexican Grill Restaurant

If you are looking for some authentic Mexican food in Colorado Springs Quijotes offers just that. Every time I am in the area I need to stop by and buy myself one of their amazing Breakfast Burritos. 

Breakfast Burrito Colorado Springs

This is a local Mexican Restaurant in the heart of Colorado Springs, it is a hole in the wall you would drive by not even noticing it was there. They offer some of the best fast food Mexican food in Colorado Springs. You can tell is pretty authentic after you order they tell your order to the cooks in Spanish and there is always Spanish music playing in the restaurant.

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat with lots of flavor this is the place to go. See the types of food they offer. 

Quijote's Menu

Where is Quijote's Mexican Grill & Parking

The Quijotes Mexican Grill is located just off Union and Platte right behind the Burger King on the corner. There you will find a small shopping where you will be able to find plenty of parking for take away or to dine in for a while.