If you live in Colorado Springs and you are looking for the best place to find Christmas lights then you are in luck this blog post will tell you the top 5 places that you have to see through the holidays.

1.  The Cheyenne Mountain zoo

The zoo is one of the best places in Colorado to check out the Christmas lights which they call a electric safari. There you feel like you are walking in a winter wonderland surrounded by lights that will bright up the night as well as animals. This is the best place to take children of all ages. However it does cost a little bit to see these Christmas lights. Plan this event only if you are prepared to be snowed on like fresh air.

2. The Springs First Nazarene

A Colorado Springs Church puts on a wonderful drive through Christmas light parade which is to die for. This event is free to everyone all you need is a car to be able to drive through the lights. There is people and lights that will be all around you. You will have to drive through the lights at least twice to make sure that you get to see it all. The drive is about 10 minutes long and it gets you in the Christmas Spirit in a heart beat.

3. The Seven Falls

The Seven Falls has one of the best light displays in the Springs and it is a lot cheaper to go during the holidays then any other time of year because you can get in just with a donation. The lights there are amazing and you will be able to see waterfalls light up at night which is hard to find anywhere else. This is a great place to take people of all abilities.

These are more of the commercial places to go this winter however there are also a lot of other great places that you have to check out that locals put on the final two Christmas light places on our list are from locals.

4. Downtown - Knull's Family Display

This is a family that has putting lights on their house for over 20 years and their display keeps growing. You will be able to drive through the alley of their street and see several different decorations from lights to dolls sledding and then you will end up at Santa s work shop with elves and everything. It is a great place to check out if you are looking for a Christmas light tour. The address is 1017 E. Dale St 80903 Colorado Springs Colorado.

5. Family light Display

One other family that has putting lights on their house for years have been this house which you can find at 622 Orion Dr 80906 Colorado Springs and you will be able to see great Christmas lights and they even have a music playing to go with the lights it is a great one to see in the city of Colorado Springs.

Light Display 622 Orion Dr 80906