If you are visiting Colorado Springs from another state it is not possible to buy Marijuana in Colorado Springs without a medical card. However do not worry we will tell you the closest places to buy cannabis. If you are very interested in buying this it is forbidden to buy it in the El Paso County but the next closest counties which you will be able to buy is Manitou County which is a 10 minute drive from Downtown Colorado Springs. There is only one Marijuana store in Manitou at the moment so if you would like a larger selection of stores Pueblo and Denver are also great places to buy.  

Photo via Flick  Chuck Coker

Photo via Flick Chuck Coker

How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado?

You have to be 21 to be able to purchase all types of marijuana – a legal ID must be shown at time of purchase. This includes people who do not live in Colorado, however there are different regulations on how much you are able to purchase.

How much can you buy?

If you have proof that you are a Colorado citizen you will be able to purchase up to 1oz of marijuana. However if you are not a Colorado citizen you can still buy marijuana but you will only be able to purchase 3 grams or a quarter ounce at each purchase.

Where can you Smoke Marijuana?

Smoking marijuana has the same restrictions as cigarettes in Colorado and then some. Marijuana is only allowed to be smoked on private property so your house, backyard, balcony etc.. You are not able to smoke in restaurants, in the public, in parks, in bars, etc…

However if you buy the marijuana in Manitou Springs you are allowed to transport the marijuana into Colorado Springs and have no trouble with the law if you carry the legal amount. You will also be able to smoke it in your private home in Colorado Springs with having no problem.

Transportation of Marijuana

The transportation of marijuana within the state of Colorado is permitted and is allowed to be carried in every county even if that county does not allow purchase of marijuana. To see what counties in Colorado don’t allow the purchase of marijuana you can find a great marijuana guide here. 

Do not try to transport the dug across any borders or take it on to an airplane you will prosecuted and fined accordingly. Just enjoy your time in Colorado and make sure you get enough in for you do not have to take any with you when you go. J

Laws that you need to apply to while in Colorado

You cannot use marijuana or have used marijuana it will be considered the same as a DUI so do not do it. Make sure that you get home before you enjoy your purchase.

Average cost of Marijuana in Colorado

The price of Marijuana varies in Colorado depending on the quality of the marijuana and where you are buying it from. For an example Aspen is one of the most expensive places to buy it in Colorado but also has great quality so the price can range between $50-$400 for an ounce. Denver has some of the lowest prices for the highest quality, if you are looking for the best smoke for your buck.

Warning this was written on the 15th of August, 2014 and the laws are changing quickly with the purchase of marijuana so always stay up to date and ask the local shop which you purchase from before you do something which could get you into trouble.