Stop by one of the original breakfast diners in Colorado Springs. It is like you are going back in time when you walk through the door with all of the home cooked foods and typical black coffee until you drop kind of motto.

Sheldon's Luncheonette CO Springs

Once you walk in the door you will see that this place is different, with all of the different car pictures on the walls and the down to earth family attitude. You will be greeted with a smile and a cup of coffee from an old school brown mug, which has a lot of class. Once you sit down you will notice that everything is like being in an old time diner to the mug, the syrup bottles, to the ketchup and mustard containers. Then you start to realize the smell of home cooked food where you will be able to see your food cooked right in front of your eyes. No matter where you sit, you will be able to enjoy the unique view.

Breakfast at Sheldon's Luncheonette

Open the menu and you will see a wide range of foods from old school breakfast foods, biscuits and gravy to lunch classics like meat loaf and pastrami sandwiches. Let the old good time food roll. The only thing bad about this place is that it closes at 1 or 2 pm depending on the day.

Once you are done with your meal don’t forget to try one of the famous fruit pies, perfect for any occasion. They can also pack up and take your flavorful pie home.



Located just Nevada you will be able to get their quickly from I-25 and the Nevada exit and head south.

Also parking is available on site just outside in front of the shopping center. No matter what time of day you will be able to park easily and free.


Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu

Price range - meals starting at $6 to $12 and you are really full no matter what you eat.

Opening Hours

Mon-Friday: 6:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sat- Sun: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

Stop on by at Sheldon’s Luncheonette and enjoy a wide range of hearty food, no matter what you choose you will not regret. But most importantly don#t forget your pie!