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Stop for a bite to eat at one of the most unique restaurants in Colorado Springs Fargo's Pizza Co. Eating here is like going back in time with an atmosphere set back to the Victorian times, all of the waiters are dressed up in vests and ties as the women where long classical dresses. The outfits match the building well, when you walk inside you will see long stairways to the upper levels and tall ceilings which brings a fun family environment.

Fargos Pizza Buffalo

Ordering & Getting Your Food

Fargo's does things differently for a Pizza Restaurant. You walk in and talk to one of the workers on the right side and order your food there. If you have ordered something besides salad they give you a number, that number will be shown up one of the several mirrors in the restaurant when it is ready. (At every seating area a mirror should be visible, if not look at the main one above the buffalo’s head) The numbers go from 1-100 so you will see other numbers on the wall but wait until your number appears. Once your number is shown you go back to where you ordered and they will give you your food. If you don’t come after a little while they will call your number that is a little embarrassing.  For salads they will give you a bowl immediately so you can head over to the awesome salad bar. If you need a plate you will also pickup your plates where you pick up your pizza or pasta so it is always good to go with an extra person to pick up the pizza.

Ordering Drinks & Deserts

Once you have ordered your food there is a separate bar for drinks and desserts. Just keep walking straight and you will see the drink bar across from the salad bar. You can order drinks in glasses or if there are a lot of people in your party, in pitchers. So if you are 4 people ask for a pitcher of water and four glasses. Then the waiter will give you everything on a tray to bring to your table. This is also the same place you order your deserts. There are no numbers for drinks or desserts so wait there until you receive it.

Clean Up

Don’t you worry since there is no real waiters or waitresses there are still bus boys so you can still just leave your dishes there and someone will be there soon to clean it up.

Fargo's Pizza Salad Bar

Fargo's Food Selection Pizza & More

They offer a wide range of pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and a very large salad bar. Everything is homemade and tastes delicious you won’t be able to find another pizza place like this on the Springs.

My favorite pizza is the Farmer John, lots of veggies and sausage. It’s worth a try! Only if you like tomatoes. They put a lot of them on this one.

The salad bar is about 50 feet long and there are different toppings on both sides. You will be able to get every topping that you can even imagine from eggs to croutons. Everything is just delicious.

The History

Fargo's pizza is named after a character called Fargo which is a mountain wonderer who hunted and drank a lot in saloons. Then Fargo married a woman named Sophia and they are on display in the restaurant made out of wax overlooking the tables below. This story brings the vibe throughout the pizzeria, with large booths, old western guns on display, the uniforms, the pictures on the walls. You go back in time!

Opening Times

  • Monday — Thursday & Sunday 11am — 9pm
  • Friday — Saturday 11am — 11pm

Fargo's Pizza Piano


This is a great place to bring your kids there is a large arcade room to keep the kids entertained for hours. From racing games to more classical games like pinball. There is a game for everyone.

There is also a piano in the main room where you can pay to listen to some preset songs. It is a hit for kids.

During the holiday season there is a large Christmas tree that fills the room with joy and excitement. The tree is over 25 feet tall and is filled with decorations

Fargos Pizza Arcade

Group Events

This is a perfect place for a team event or any event with seating for over 500 people and over 170 parking spots. There are seperate rooms for you can get away from the other guests and have speeches and celebrate alone!

Fargo's Pizza Entrance

Where is Fargo's Pizza Located

  • Address 2910 E Platte Ave Colorado Springs 80909
  • Phone Number: (719) 473-5540

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