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Old Gold Camp Road is a former railroad that would take you from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. Then it was turned into road and now it is a easy hike to get out of the Springs and into nature quickly. The hike is pretty easy it was a former road so it is pretty flat and wide so it is fairly easy. The hike can take you all the way to Old Stage Road where you can contine that to go all the way to Cripple Creek. However most people stop at Old Stage Coach road and turn around.

Information About Old Camp Road Hike

  • Distance: 4.8 Miles one way

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Dogs Allowed: YES

  • Mountain Bikes Allowed: Yes

Old Camp Road Hiking Conditions

This hike is for almost everyone, kids, dogs, just no strollers. The hike starts at lower and upper gold camp road intersect and you will be able park there for free. Then the hike starts off pretty flat and slowly increases in incline before the tunnels. There are three tunnels in total on the hike but one of them is collapsed and the hardest part of the hike is climbing around the tunnel, not through it,  that is not allowed, there is a small trail you can follow around the tunnel to the other side. There you will be more alone most people only make it to the collopased tunnel and turn around

The Collpased Tunnel

There are hundreds of rumours about the collapsed tunnel in Colorado Springs. That a bus was in the tunnel when it collpased and at night you can still see their ghosts. So lots of people hike to see if the rumours are true. It is also very common for kids and teens to try to hike to it at night.

The First Tunnel

The first tunnel is also known for having witch tails as well so be careful if you are driving through the tunnel, people like to drive in the middle of the tunnel and turn off their lights to see if they see anything on the walls of the caves.

To Old Stage Coach road it is a 4.8 mile hike one way.

Where is the trail head of Old Gold Camp Road