Step in the drivers seat, go kart racing in Colorado Springs!

Looking for a fun team event, place to celebrate a party or just a great evening with some friends. There is nothing better taking the need for speed in Colorado Springs and do some go kart racing. Let us show you the best places to do go kart racing in and around the Springs. Find the best go karting location in the Springs for your needs if you want to fast go karts or are looking for more family fun.

Go Kart Locations

Go Karting Colorado Springs!
  1. Overdrive Raceway
    196 Spectrum Loop
    Colorado Springs, CO 80921
    Is the most professional racing go kart location in the springs with 2 different race tracks and you will be able to drive up to 40 mph. This is a must experience for all want to be race drivers! Each race is between 8 - 12 laps depending on the track and your age. Must be at least 48 in tall to take part in any race.

  2. SBR Motorsports Park
    21430 Spencer Rd.
    Calhan, CO 
    (719) 492-2635
    $35 for 15 minute session
    Really get the wind in your hair a real outdoor race course where you will be able to drive up to 50 mph and have a very long course that keeps testing your racing skills.

  3. Lost Island Mini Golf
    1825 Dominion Way (5,275.17 mi)
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
    $7 for 10 laps
    Also offers go karting for adults and children. They are continuously building and adding more things to their tracks and facilities excited to see how when it is all done! Located inside the city making it easy to stop by for a few runs with friends or family.

Go Kart Racing Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs offers a few options for go karting, for people who want the race car feeling and also for children who are just getting the taste of speed. All offer a unique experience from outdoors different tracks and different types of go karts.

What you need to know to drive

  • Be over 48in tall for jr racing

  • Be over 60in tall for adult racing and 16 years of age

  • Have closed shoes

  • Sign a waiver in case something happens

  • Helmets are provided at the locations

    Check them all out and let us know what you think the best ones are!

Drive safe but fast at these great tracks!