The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor is more than just a hotel is a luxurious experience in Colorado Springs. They offer all of the finest activities in Colorado Springs, great eating, relaxing, golfing and an amazing view. Learn everything that the Broadmoor has to offer and how the Broadmoor got started.

History of The Broadmoor Hotel

A Prussian Count James Pourtales came west in search for wealth and fortune, he wondered West until he reached Colorado Springs. With a farming background he bought the land that the Broadmoor is on today and created the Cheyenne Mountain Lake and prepared the land to build a casino. He wanted to create a premium area in Colorado Springs to offer lots of upper class activities in that time period. In the 1890’s the Broadmoor was built and open for business but sadly in 1897 a fire burned the Broadmoor to the ground. Forcing them to rebuild. In 1898 it was rebuilt but it wasn’t as magnificent as it was before the fire.

A man of the name of Spencer Penrose born in Philadelphia bought the Broadmoor area from Count James Pourtales in 1916. Immediately after they bought the land the hired Donald Ross to create a professional golf course on the property. In 1918 they remodeled the entire Broadmoor and had a grand opening party where John D. Rockefeller attended.  The Broadmoor has consistently updated its hotel to make sure that it stays a 5-star hotel, from the quality of the rooms to the latest services.

Types of Rooms

There are several of different types of accommodations at the Broadmoor from normal rooms to cottages you will be able to learn about all of the different types of rooms they offer.

The Broadmoor Suite

What is offered with each night stay in any of the following rooms. Each room comes with lots of luxury additions including WIFI of 4MB, Shuttle to local attractions like the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Local Calls and Toll Free Calls, Online Access to Magazines and Newspapers, Access to Fitness Center, 2 tickets to daily fitness courses, Admission to Little Movie Theater, Coffee, Tea, Bottles of water, Tennis Courts, Golf Clinic, and paddle boats on the lake. For all of these services you will be charged an extra $32 daily.

Classic Rooms – Is the cheapest option to stay at the Broadmoor you will be able to choose from staying at the West Wing or Main Wing. The prices for these rooms go for around $350 a night. Each room offers one King size bed or two double beds, with a size of 325 to 420 Square feet.

Superior Rooms – This is the next level up offering more of a premium view of the Rocky Mountains or golf course. You will be able to choose from staying in the Main Wing or South Wing. The prices start at over $400 a night. The room comes with one King size bed or two queen size beds with a size of 375 to 420 square feet

Premier Rooms – This is the most requested room in the Broadmoor offering the most unique views of the lake and the Rocky Mountains as well as more space than the other two rooms. These rooms are only available in the West Building. The price per a night is around $500 and upwards depending on the season. This room offers over 550 square feet of space and the option of one King size bed or two Queen size.

The Broadmoor Suites

One Bedroom Suite – If you are traveling for business or need to do some work while at the Broadmoor taking a Suite is the best option. You will be able to get a large living room, a desk and one King or two Queen size beds. The costs for a one-bedroom suite is around $790 a night.

Other Suites- There are several types of suites on the Broadmoor residents you will need to make special requests to be able to see if they are available seen there are not very many, these need to be booked out months in advance to guarantee one. These suites are perfect for families or larger groups visiting Colorado Springs.

You will be able to see the different types of Suites they offer

  •  Eastmoor Suites
  • Lakeside Junior Suites
  • South Tower Suites
  • West Junior Suites
  • Terrace Junior Suite
  • West Tower Patio Suites
  • West Tower Suites
  • Carlton Suite
  • Devereaux and MacNeill Suites
  • Edith K. Gaylord Suite
  • Penrose Suite
  • Cheyenne and Southlake Suites
  • Parker Suite
  • North & South Cheyenne Mountain Suites
  • Penthouse Terrace Suite
  • West Tower Gaylord Suite

Each suite comes with its own different style for larger living rooms or patios but all of them will take your breath away once you walk in the room.  If you are interested in booking a Suite call 888.293.9311 this is the official Broadmoor suite reservation number.

Cottages at the Broadmoor

Cottage Suite – Feel at home while away, these cottages offer everything a luxurious home would a fire place, surround sound, a large patio, and more. The cost for a night in this suit will average around $880 a night. The Suite comes with the option of 1-2 bedrooms.

If you are planning on staying at the Broadmoor for a week or longer the cottages are recommended. You will be able to get 1-8 bedroom cottages with all of the state of the art furniture and decorations. This is a great way to have a family vacation. You will need to call to book one of these rooms 888.296.0942 this is their direct cottage hotline.

Luxury Vacation Homes The Brownstones

If you are looking for a home or apartment to rent at The Broadmoor The Brownstones is what you want. This is probably the most luxury you can get in Colorado Springs. They offer all of the latest in design and style making it an amazing place to stay. You will have your own patio with the view of the Rocky Mountains a large kitchen, and all of the latest in home features. If you are interested in staying in one of these homes for a weekend or months call 888-321-7697

Room Service Broadmoor

Room Service

They offer a wide range of food at the Broadmoor for room service and the menu changes for the season but you will always be able to find something that you like. The room service is available 24/7 all year round. Just pick up the phone in your room, suite, cottage or penthouse and dial room service and they will make your stay at the Broadmoor more enjoyable.

Where is the Broadmoor Located?

The Broadmoor is located on the Southwest side of Colorado Springs, if you are driving on I-25 you will need to take exit 140 on South Nevada. Once you exit head South on Nevada to Lake Ave take a right or head west or towards the mountains and you will run into a roundabout right in front of the Broadmoor hotel.


Parking at the Broadmoor

There is valet parking at the Broadmoor where you can just drive your vehicle to the front of the Broadmoor and they will take care of your vehicle for your entire stay. If you are spending the night, it costs $29 a night but if you are visiting just for the day parking there is free. FREE! If you are spending the night and would like a cheaper option, there are other parking garages left or right of the round about where you will be able to pay $22 a night or $4 an hour. There is always parking spots available even if an event is going on you just might need to drive to the next parking garage at the Broadmoor.

Events at the Broadmoor

There are always events going on at the Broadmoor from movie night which occurs every night in the Little Theater to Golf Events and so much more. You will be able to see all of the events happening at or near the Broadmoor everyday here.

The Broadmoor Accomadation Rates & Deals

The normal prices at the Broadmoor start at $300 a night and can go over $1000 depending on the type of room and service you select. You will be able to see more detailed pricing above on the room selections. The hotel is luxury and therefore expensive but you are planning on staying a few nights or over a long weekend they normal have specials going on to help save a little on the rates. You will always be able to find the latest deals on The Broadmoor’s website here

You can only find discounted rates to the 5 star hotel here.

The Broadmoor Restaurants & Brunch

If you are planning on coming to The Broadmoor to eat, they have some of the best restaurants and bars in Colorado Springs. Lots of locals even stop by for a bite to eat and go home.

  • The Penrose Room - 5 Star Restaurant
  • Ristorante Del Lago – A Premium Italian Deluxe
  • Summit – A French Bistro
  • La Taverne  - A famous Steakhouse
  • Lake Terrace Dining Room – Sunday Brunch Room, with lake view
  • Golden Bee – A local favorite Irish Pub with live pianist
  • Natural Epicurean – Organic food
  • Golf Club Dining – Great place for a sandwich or a light meal before or after a round of Golf

Other Services at The Broadmoor

Bowling Alley, Swimming Pool, Spa, Golf Club,


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