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Getting a taxi is pretty easy in the Springs if you are at the Colorado Springs Airport, or near downtown Colorado Springs otherwise you will need to call the taxi companies below and potentially wait a little while before they get there. If you are debating of getting a car rental or taxi, while in the Springs. Getting a car rental will be the cheaper option. See all of the on demand transportation companies below. 

Taxi Companies in the Springs

  • Yellow Cab - (719) 777-7777

  • Springs Cab - (719) 444-8686

  • Pikes Peak Cab - (719) 888-9000

Taxi Alternative Companies in the Springs

  • Uber

  • Lyft

  • ZTrip


Cheapest way getting around Colorado Springs

If you are looking for the cheapest way to get around Colorado Springs it would be using Lyft there are usally a little cheaper in Colorado Springs then Ztrip and Uber. However all three of them have very comparable rates. So if you want to try one of the other services always search onlein for coupons first to get the best taxi alternative rate.

  • From Downtown to Colorado Springs Airport with Lyft costs around $17 -$20

  • Broadmoor to Colorado Springs Airport $18 -$22

  • Peterson Air Force Base to Colorado Springs Airport - $12 - $15

  • Colorado Springs to Denver - $86 - $98

  • Colorado Springs to Pubelo - $55 - $60

Metro Mobility Taxi - For People Who are unable to use public Transportation

There is also an affordable taxi for people with disabilities in Colorado Springs Metro Mobility Taxi. It can be used for all trips under 7 miles. It costs $3.50 for each trip making it very affordable to get around the Springs. Learn more here

Other Transportation Services in Colorado Springs