Ski Winter Park

Winter Park Ski Resort is one of Colorado's most popular resorts for Colorado natives because it is the biggest resort that is located to Denver, Colorado. It is only located 67 miles away from Denver about a hour drive.  The Winter Park Resort has 25 ski lifts 5 terrain parks for the daring and over 3,000 acres of mountain to ski and snowboard. Winter Park is a great location for all ages if you are looking to go for your first time or want to take your skiing, snowboarding to the next level. You can stay all day on green tracks or try some tricks out on a half pipe. There is stuff for everyone at Winter Park. I personally learned how to Snow Board at Winter Park with a few lessons and can highly recommend taking the snowboarding and ski courses.

Winter Park has a atmosphere that is great, it is a great place to take a large group with several options to stay around the area and cheaper than other ski resorts in the area. There are large lines to get on the ski lift at the two main ski lifts at the bottom of the hill but once you start skiing there are several other lifts that do not take as long to take.

The most famous ski track in Winter Park is Mary Jane which is a very long track that will take a long time to get down. Check the video to see the slopes on Mary Jane.

As you can see Skiing Winter Park is a great Resort for all kinds of skiers. If you are looking for information of how to get to the Ski resort check out the Map below to get to the Ski Resort.