Ski Aspen Colorado

Aspen is one of the most popular places to Ski in the world, many ski and snowboarding events are held in Aspen every year because of its amazing ski slopes. Some of these ski events are the Winter X Games, FIS Alpine World Cup Ski Racing, Extreme Skiing - Colorado Freeride Series, and more.

What is Expected on Aspen Ski Resorts

Aspen, Colorado is made for experience snowboard and skiers, their black diamond tracks have been popular since 1947 . These slopes have not changed a lot but if you are a ski junkie you have to check out the great Aspen Ski Slopes. Aspen is a different type of Ski resort because they have 4 restaurants located within on the mountains that you can only get to if you are on the slopes. 

Facts about Aspen Slopes

  • Aspen has 76 trails
  • From Base to Summit is 3,267 feet (3,418 meters)
  • Ski Lift Hours - 9am - 3:30pm

Where to Rent your Skies in Aspen

It is recommended if you plan on renting your ski equipment when you go to Aspen that you get outside of Aspen or on the way in town because it is usually more expensive to get you rental equipment at the Ski resort instead of from a third party.

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