Ski Colorado - Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado has some of the most famous ski resorts in the world. People come all over the globe to ski the slopes that Colorado has to offer. With the white Rocky Mountains peaks and powder snow to ski on. If you are a ski or snowboard junkie you have to visit Colorado to check out the Ski Slopes. Below is a list of all of the ski resorts in Colorado. There are 25 Ski Resorts in Colorado and each resort has a different type of skiing so make sure that you try as many mountains as possible all through the state of Colorado.

Top Ski Resorts in Colorado

Aspen Mountain

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Aspen Colorado is the most popular Ski resort in Colorado. With 76 trails to test out good for all type of skiers and snowboarders. learn more.

Breckenridge Resort

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Breckenridge is one of the locals best place to ski because there are less tourists in the area. Hidden away in an old mining town.  learn more.

Beaver Creek

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Is a smaller Colorado resort but has some of the toughest and easiest slopes in Colorado  Beaver creek has  lot to offer for a small resort. learn more

Winter Park

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Winter Park is one of the busiest ski resorts in Colorado because of how close it is to Denver Colorado. It is also one of the biggest resorts in Colorado. Learn More


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Keystone is a great place o check out if you want variety when you ski with bowls, trails, moguls, and they have three mountains over 12,000 feet high to explore on. Learn More.


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The Durango ski resort is a great small place to ski with 10 ski lifts, three terrain parks, 1,300 acres of land and 88 trails to test out in the San Juan Mountains.  Learn More.

Steam Boat Springs

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With an average snowfall of 349 inches you can almost guarantee powder slopes in Steam Boat slopes. Located in the northwest of Colorado. Learn More.


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Vail Mountain Ski resort is the largest Ski Resort in the United States of America with over 5,000 acres of powdered cover land to discover. Learn More.


Image via Flickr Zach Dischner

A ski resort for the more experienced skiers, with only one ski lift on the mountain you will discover a winter wonderland. Learn More


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Telluride Ski Resort is known for never having lines to get on one of their 18 ski lifts. This resort is perfect to feel like you are alone on a mountain. Learn More.

Crested Butte

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Crested Butte Mountain Resort is made for every ski from the extreme to tubers. With 16 lifts there is something for everyone when you ski Crested Butte. Learn More.

Copper Mountain

Image Via Flickr Phillip Larson

Copper resort is incredible great for a weekend getaway with 22 ski lifts and an average snow fall of 53 inches you are almost guaranteed great skiing all year round. Learn More.