Manitou Springs Hot Springs

Sun Water Spa and Wellness

If you are looking for some hot springs but not leaving town. There are some amazing hot springs in Manitou Springs where you will be able to relax and recover. There is something called a Sun Wellness hot springs where lots of locals also dont know about. Hot spring water and relaxing spas which make it easy to relax for a day or spend the night if you need some extra recovery.

Manitou Springs Hot Springs Location


The hot springs is just a few minutes drive outside of Colorado Springs inside Manitou Springs. Located just off I-24 take a left onto Sunshine Trail before you hit downtown Manitou. Then you will run directly into the spa on the left hand side of the road.

There is plenty of free parking so you will be able get there with no problem at all.

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Manitou Springs Hot Springs Pools

There is a total of 8 different oak pools to soak in with different temperatures and different views of Manitou and the Rocky Mountains. 7 of the pools are public pools while one is a private pool you will be able to book for private occasions.

There is also a public cooler pool to chill off and take a break from the heat.

The water is a yellow natural color from the famous Manitou Springs springs and the Oak oils from the spas which release oils into the water.

Manitou Springs Prices

$35 a day pass
$25 2 hour pass
$100 5 time soak pass

Other Services at SunWellness

Massage, Facial, Water Therapy, Waxing, Couple Massages, Body Treatments, Specialty Therapys, Yoga, Aqua Yoga, and so much more!

Come visit Sun Wellness and discover a secret in Manitou Springs and coming out relaxed and recovered is guaranteed.

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